Spelling Scholar

A Thinking  Approach To  Learning Spelling

     Learn more about the components of this effective research based spelling/word study program available for grades K-6.

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Same great inquiry-based lessons, practice, multi-level word sorts, spiraling skills, application based tests, teacher controlled/student managed personal word component addressing misspelled words in daily writing, and teacher pages. Plus a training Power Point is included with each grade level.


 Additional description and information at http://www.spellingscholar.com/.

How is The Spelling Scholar different from other spelling programs?

Spelling Scholar Description 

The Spelling Scholar requires students to think about how a word is spelled and apply their learning to words rather than memorizing a list of words. Students are held accountable for their learning because previously learned skills are continuously brought back in units and tests. Differentiation is made manageable by using multi-level word sorts for each skill. The whole program is on cd so it can be placed on the district server and on individual computers. Teachers can use electronic media formats to display lessons. The lessons are cross-referenced so teachers can easily access materials from other grade levels and print exactly what they need for their students. Finally, a manageable system for holding students accountable for misspelled words in their daily writing is utilized in this program.


Can I use this new approach in my classroom even if my school doesn't have The Spelling Scholar program?

You're in luck!

Based on the overwhelming response we have received from teachers at educational conferences we have developed some new products available ONLY to the classroom teacher. These  products make it possible to implement many of the effective techniques used in The Spelling Scholar.